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Most of todays musicstores all over the world have a DEMO STAGE. Setting up a cam or two, and stream from this stage is very simple, and gives your STORE the digital content you need to reach a GLOBAL MARKET.

The Story

I started the first webshop for music instruments in NORWAY back in 1993, on TEXTTV, and sold to the whole of NORWAY.

what we do

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COOLZMusicTV is a part of COOLZTV MEDIACENTER a complete mediaconcept for SoMe developed by Sivert Emil Skaarhaug I `m a musician myself, and used to run a local musicstore here in NORWAY back in the 90ies.

Best routes

Getting started creating that digital showroom in your musicstore, will help you market your business.

Yours to discover

You will as the shops manager discover the POWER in this DIGITAL transformation..

Powerful solutions

Having a real SHOP and catching the action you have in your shop everyday digtally connecting it to the whole world, bring POWER into your SHOP and business.

Staffing solutions

Involve all of your staff in the digital process.

Leaders of tomorrow

YOUR shop will lead the way and always have the position you create by getting started NOW, and be among the first shops to do this DIGITAL SHOWROOM concept..

Best routes

Your musicSTORE will roule when starting your DIGITAL SHOWROOM and we will share thru COOLZMusicTV if you like us to...

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