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Choosing YOUR instrument is everything when YOU wanna play in a BAND. YOUR instrument is WHO YOU ARE

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Playing in a band is like having a family, you have to work together in spite of differences and opinions.

Learning an instrument is just one part of this adventure, music is LIFE, and the TRUE way of creative comunication, all childeren should learn to PLAY in a band..

I`v been playing music since the age of 9, and this was my way out of a family regime run by a phsycopath who controlled my family, so my family was my friends playing together and travling all over Norway and lots of trips to the UK, and other Scandinavian countries. Sivert Emil Skaarhaug ceo COOLZTV MEDIACENTER NORWAY.

let`s get the world BACK ON TRACK !!

your MUSIC matter

It has never been more important than now to get your MUSIC out there to everybody, life has been rough on so many people this last year

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