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meet some of our GREAT MUSICIANS on COOLZMusicTV

meet some of our GREAT MUSICIANS on COOLZMusicTV

Music is LIFE

Play your guitar like never before!!

LIVE your music!!

CONCERTS and live music is ALWAYS the best way to enjoy music!!

Music is FRIENDS!

Together with FRIENDS music lives in you for ever.

let`s ROCK !!

Featured band on COOLZMusicTV

NERGARD is a Norwegian Melodic Metal band.






Pic by Bernt Kulseth

GODDAMN PREMIER on YOUTUBE today at 18.oo Gerry Jablonski Band

Let`s get the world BACK ON TRACK!!

Meet some of our musicians !!


Love Child is a dynamic rock band from Sydney, Australia – combining old school rock influences with a touch of blues, mashed with a modern attitude, served up in a bouquet of outstanding sound and performance to accolades nationwide.

Endre Gryting CHANGE

One of our greatest artists, that has hit NORWAY with a BANG the last years a rapper with SOUL inspiring youth all over NORWAY!

Game KingZ

From Drammen NORWAY these guys know their HIP hop, true LOVE for LIFE & MUSIC coming to the world !!!

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